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The Mobile Easykey System may only be used after successful instruction by appropriately trained personnel.

This can also be done using these operating instructions.

Only the Mobile Easykey System of the type modular plus is documented in this operating manual.

Forklift truck-related information can be found in the vehicle's- and the relevant manufacturer's operating instructions.

Changes to the Mobile Easykey modular plus Systems are possible at any time in the course of further development.

This operating manual may also describe optional accessories that may not be used on every forklift truck.

Certain settings for the behaviour of the module are made by the operator.



Indicates an exceptionally large danger situation. Failure to comply with this notice will cause serious, irreversible injury or death.


Indicates an exceptional danger situation. Failure to comply with this notice may result in serious irreversible or fatal injuries.


Indicates a dangerous situation. If this notice is not observed, there may be minor or moderate injuries.


Indicates material risks. Failure to comply with this notice may result in damage to property.


Components of the system



The module includes RFID technology, hybrids and, if necessary, an optional radio module. The module also includes a display for departure control, which allows questions to be displayed in employee-specific national languages.

The various operating states are also shown in writing.



Sensor and body sound microphone

The sensor and the body sound microphone are used to detect crash events. (Optional accessory)



If the option MEK-Interface has been selected, the module is connected by a 16-pin SAAB- or JPT-connector, see technical information interface fleet module.



If the VDI-Interface option has been selected, the module is connected by a 4-pin SAAB- or JPT-connector, see VDI-Guideline 4458 "Fleet Management Systems for Forklift Trucks".

Transponder types


User transponders

The user transponder allows you to drive one or more forklift trucks that are approved for the user. User transponders are always personal.

Master transponders

Master transponders can release the forklift after a crash event (optional crash sensor required).

These transponders can be applied to individual, group or all forklift trucks

depending on the operator's specifications.  

Master transponders can also perform the tasks of a user transponder.


Workshop transponders

Workshop transponders can put the forklift truck in an operating status that is locked to normal drivers and masters (maintenance/repair, etc.).

This mode allows only authorized and trained personnel to use the forklift truck.

Invalid transponders do not result in a reaction on the Mobile Easykey module.

On delivery the module is not configured and no transponder can be used.


Delivery transponders (OEM)

When the module is delivered a delivery transponder is supplied that fulfils the following functions:

  • Access authorization for the module during delivery (before initial configuration)
  • No shutdowns according to time

Display operating status of the module

Ready for operation

Yellow LED lights up permanently

Logged in

Green LED lights up permanently

Presence detection active

Blue LED lights up permanently

Data connection established

Red Data LED lights up permanently

Red Data LED flickers during data transfer

Event display

(Individually programmable)

Orange event LED lights up permanently

Crash event

Red LEDs (side of module lid) flash, installed Crash Sensor provided



The display is used to display the departure control. The various operating states are also shown in writing.



Putting forklift vehicle into operation

When powered, the forklift can be operated by an authorized user

by means of transponders stored in the system. The transponder must be held above the area of the blue LED on the module lid with a distance of no more than 3 cm.

Approval and use of forklift trucks

The forklift truck is put in operation according to the manufacturer's specifications and then a safety check is carried out by visual and functional test according to BGV D27 section 9.

The yellow LED on the module must be permanently lit. The module can only be switched on with a valid user- or master transponder. Logging in is only possible if presence detection is active (adjustable). If a valid transponder is held in the reading area of the antenna, it is checked whether this transponder is authorized for this forklift and whether the expiry date has not yet been exceeded.

After the transponder has been held to log in to the reading area, the departure control starts. This is displayed on the display in the local language assigned to the transponder via the MEKM software. (The local language can be adapted by the administrator to the operating employee using MEKM).

During the departure control, various questions are asked, which can be freely defined in the software, which must be acknowledged with "yes" or "no" by means of the keys "back" and "ok"

The answer options switch between the mentioned buttons to prevent memorisation.

If the departure control is not passed, the module switches to workshop mode. Here, the approval of the responsible technician, after checking the suitability of the forklift, is necessary.

After successful departure control, the green LED lights up permanently. The forklift truck is now available for use.

Disable forklift trucks


  • Stop the forklift equipment according to manufacturer's specifications and prepare it for shutdown.
  • Keep the transponder in the reading area of the antenna.
  • The alternative shutdown is carried out by the presence detection,

when the driver is away from the forklift without logging out.

The forklift truck is automatically deactivated after a time previously set by the operator.

The green LED goes out in both cases. In accordance with the manufacturer's specifications disable the forklift truck.

  • As a result, the module and the forklift truck are now without power and out of service.


Note: Emergency stop switch

By activating the emergency stop switch, the forklift truck is deactivated in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.

The Mobile Easykey module remains powered and in function, the driver is not automatically logged out (see previous paragraph "Shutdown").


Example "passive crash"


A passive crash is an external force on the forklift without it being moved. It does not have to be logged in and no driver/operator is present.


Example "active crash"



In the event of an "active crash", the driver/operator has collided with another forklift truck, vehicle or equipment such as a shelf/lift truck/shut-off bollard. A driver/operator is logged in and is actively indebted to the "accident".


Warning of visual or acoustic signals


In the event of a crash, the red Lid-LED flash permanently and signal the crash.

Optionally, a "Reconstruction Kit Acoustics" can be installed for an additional acoustic warning signal.


Moving the forklift vehicle into crawl speed


In addition to the visual and/or acoustic signal, the forklift truck can be moved immediately or, adjustable by the operator, in a time-delayed crawl speed.





Complete stopping of the forklift truck


In addition to the visual and/or acoustic signal, the forklift truck can be stopped immediately or, adjustable by the operator, completely in a time-delayed manner.

All crash events are stored in the module's logbook with date, time, strength, action, and, if applicable, the cause.

The three adjustable levels (light, medium and heavy) can be assigned as events and or actions independently of the operator, which are also stored in the module's logbook.




Depending on the setting or decision by the operator, the forklift truck can roll out in the event of a crash or continue at crawl speed.

Fault and error display

Yellow LED flashes

Too low input voltage, active workshop mode, UVV due, maintenance due; Contact service

Orange Event LED lights up

Optional warning LED; Contact service

 Safety regulations for the operation of a forklift truck


Driving license

The forklift truck may only be used by persons who are trained in operation, who have demonstrated to the operator or his representative their ability to drive and handle loads and who are expressly entrusted with the management by him.

Where appropriate, national rules must be observed.





Rights, obligations and rules of conduct for the operator, prohibition of use by unauthorized persons



The operator must be informed of his rights and obligations, instructed in the operation of the forklift vehicle and be familiar with the content of this operating instructions.

The operator is responsible for the forklift truck during the service life.

Release forklift trucks with the Mobile Easykey modular plus fleet management system for use:

After commissioning of the Mobile Easykey module and the initial programming by the customer, all customer data are now on the module.

Now only authorized operators can operate the forklift truck.

In the software the default for automatic shutdown is set to 1 minute.

If a user is not on the forklift for more than 1 minute or  near by, the Mobile Easykey System automatically switches off..

Now a user must first hold a valid transponder to the reading area of the antenna to activate the module.

The use by unauthorized persons is thus excluded.


Maintenance of components

  • The maintenance and repair of the Mobile Easykey System may only be carried out by a specialist.
  • Under no circumstances shall the operator disable or adjust safety devices or switches.
  • The specialist is specially trained on the components of the Mobile Easykey Fleet Management System and is able to carry out maintenance and maintenance work independently.
  • The specialist is aware of the necessary standards, guidelines and safety regulations as well as possible dangers during the work.


Cleaning work



Risk of damage to the components of the Mobile Easykey System:

  • Cleaning the components of the Mobile Easykey System with water can cause damage to the electrical system.
  • Do not clean components of the Mobile Easykey System with water.
  • Clean components of the Mobile Easykey System with low suction or compressed air and non-conductive, antistatic brush.



Work on the electrical system




  • Working on the components of the Mobile Easykey System may only be undertaken in a voltage-free state.
  • The capacitors installed in the forklift conveyor must be completely discharged.
  • Work on the components of the Mobile Easykey System may only be carried out by trained electrical engineers.
  • Take all measures necessary to exclude an electrical accident before starting work.
  • Park forklift trucks securely (see corresponding section in the operating instructions of the respective forklift truck).
  • Pull the battery plug of the forklift truck.
  • Take off rings, metal bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Final decommissioning, disposal

The final and professional decommissioning or disposal of the components of the Mobile Easykey System must be carried out in accordance with the applicable legal regulations of the user country.

In particular, the regulations for the disposal of the electronics must be observed.

The components of the Mobile Easykey System may only be dismantled by trained persons in compliance with the procedure prescribed by the manufacturer.


Used parts are environmentally hazardous


Used parts must be disposed of properly in accordance with the applicable environmental regulations.

Observe the safety regulations when handling these used parts.

Maintenance and contact

Visual and functional testing in the course of the annual UVV (accident prevention regulations) by an instructed service specialist (see also details of the technical documentation).

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