EKM-300 technical description crash+remote


The module crash+ has been adapted to current changes in the Machinery Directive.

From version crash + V / 2, the module has two relays, a „log- in relay“ and a „crash relay“.

The log in relay is switched on and off via transponder and replaces the mechanical ignition lock.

The crash relay is activated only in case of a crash and can perform the vehicle-specific shut down.

Motherboard crash+remote

Interface circuit board WiFi


Circuit diagram crash+remote

Connector assignment

Double socket relay with connection cable

Relay socket version 2



  • The circuit board has no more potential-free relay.
  • There are now two relays (Log-in /crash relay) which when activated, switch the input voltage to the Easykey.

That means in detail:

  • The grey cable of the Easykey is the positive polarity of the coil of the external electronic load relay.
    With this external relay the ignition switch can be replaced.
  • The white cable of the Easykey is the positive polarity of the coil of the external crash load relay.
    With this external relay, in the event of a crash, any function can be switched.
  • The output load is max. 200mA each (for the log-in and crash relay on the circuit board).
  • With an input larger than 30 Volt DC a voltage transformer (Article number E006-010) must be installed.
  • Note: The relays (log-in and crash relay on the circuit board) switch the input voltage “UB Easykey”
    (e.g. 12 V or 24 V), therefore the external load relays must run the appropriate voltage.


If the presence detection is used together with radio data transmission, there must be a distance of at least 70 cm between the radio module and the presence detection in order to rule out interference

Circuit board WiFi

The circuit board between the WiFi module Matchport

b/g or b/g Pro and the motherboard was replaced by a new interface board.

The remote sensor is connected to the underside of the interface board (connector).

The connection of the programming socket (from the motherboard)

is also inserted on the underside of the interface board.

The interface board is only available as an active version.

During configuration with the service software “IP-WiFi” must be ticked.

Remote sensor

Learning while driving 

With a simple click, the „Start test-drive“ starts and after a short time, the first values are transferred directly into an existing or new profile.

Information can also be collected over a longer period of time – without any „crash-tripping“.

Evaluation and analysis

The logbook shows the level and strength of a crash.

Individual setting possibilities allow a variety of measures - from registering the crash in the logbook,

to being alerted by a flashing light up to the shutdown of the vehicle anything is possible.

The levels and values can then be conveniently compared and evaluated in Excel.

Installation is fast and easy

The acceleration sensor and the seismic microphone are quickly mounted and operational with plug connections.

The initial configuration is done via the Easykey manager and makes the vehicle immediately available.

Changes to the settings can then be made conveniently from your PC.

Technical data

Measurements120 x 80 x 55 mm
Weight without connection cable620 g

Protection class IP54
Industrial quality


with 4 screws possible
max. diameter of screw 4 mm

Measurements of programming socket

round 28 x 40 mm
Drill diameter 20 mm

Temperature range-10 bis +65° C

maximum load 60 Watt

Lenght of connection cable

Approx. 3 m

On and off switch

Via user transponder,
Display via module (LEDs)

Power supply10 – 30 V
Electricity consumption< 100 mA
Transponder response rangeApprox. 0 – 30 mm
Programming of user data

Via (RS 232) serial interface
Via Easy Point (no initial set up!)
Optional WiFi or Bluetooth

Programming cableLength approx. 1,5 m
Data retentionbattery backed (approx. 5 years battery life)


Measurements of sensor80 x 75 x 55 mm
Length of connector cable4 m
Housing of sensorProtection class IP 65
Length of microphone cableStandard 2 m (max. 4 m)

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