en v6 wpa-eap-tls

Setting up easykey for WPA & WPA2 Enterprise EAP-TLS

Configuration Tool available here: https://www.mobileeasykey.de/ftp/tools/MEKConfigTool.zip

Plug in the programming cable to a usb port on your laptop.

Do not connect it to the easykey module yet.

Open the Configuration Tool.

Click on WLAN module.

Select the programming cable.

Select V6.

Set Security to WPA & WPA2 Enterprise

Fill in:

  • Network name (ESSID)
  • Identity
  • Private key password
  • PKCS #12 File
  • DNS name – module
  • MEKM Server

Save this configuration.

Now connect the programming cable to the easykey module.

Click Program.

The module is now getting programmed.

Done. The module is now connected to the Wi-Fi and can send data to the MEKM Server.

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